Cosmetic LED Teeth Whitening

The first thing most people notice about you is your smile, at Endless Summer we value the importance of this and are here to keep your smile white and bright all year round! Our Cosmetic Whitening Services are a simple service that utilizes an LED light and all-natural hydrogen peroxide-based gel in combination to achieve a whiter smile. This service is easy, effective, and safe for all ages. We guarantee 3-8 shades whiter with results lasting 3-5 months.

We have structured our teeth whitening services to include everyday great value pricing to ensure it is high quality at an affordable rate. When you come in there will be an assessment to determine the length needed for your session, this is not something we can predetermine. When booking there is only one option as far as time length goes please select that option.

Our whitening sessions are done in 15 Minute increments. The pricing is as follows:

– 15 Minute Session- $69
– 30 Minute Session- $79
– 45 Minute Session- $89
– 60 Minute Session- $99

In addition, we also offer ES Mineral Treatment Gel. This is great for those who may typically experience sensitivity, smokers, or even those who just want to boost their enamel. The cost for this is $15.

 ES Mineral Gel
– Protects your whitening
– Seals the pores of the teeth to prevent them from absorbing stains and helps to prolong the whitening
-Eases sensitivity- includes potassium nitrate and vitamin E to soothe sensitivity.

Generally speaking the initial visit for teeth whitening may be lengthier in time plan to be with us for up to one hour. After the initial visit follow-up or maintenance visits are quicker and most times only 15-20 minutes. We encourage you to come in every 3-5 months and to use our whitening rinse in between your visit to keep your smile white and bright. You can purchase at our salon or on our website.