Cosmetic LED Teeth Whitening

The first thing most people notice about you is your smile; at Endless Summer Beauty Spa, We value the importance and are here to keep your smile white and bright all year round! Our Cosmetic Whitening Services are a simple service that utilizes an LED light and all-natural hydrogen peroxide-based gel in combination to achieve a whiter smile. 

This service is easy, effective, and safe for all ages. We guarantee 3-8 shades whiter results lasting 3-5 months. We have structured our teeth whitening services to include everyday great value pricing to ensure it is high quality at an affordable rate. 

What to expect:

This service is a Cosmetic Service that ensures the whitening of the teeth. It is essential to know it is not any form of a dental procedure. There will be a consultation to determine the length needed for your session; this is not something we can predetermine. You will begin with a cleaning swab that you will clean your teeth. Next up, ES Mineral Gel is applied for 6-10 minutes. (See more information below). The whitening gel is applied in 15 Minute Increments. This means that for 15 minutes, the client will sit under the LED light while the gel activates. This process is painless and relaxing for all ages. Each client may need a different amount of sessions—the most being three rounds. 

For extra sensitive clients, which is not as standard but can happen, we will use an additional type of sensitivity treatment called the desensitizer, which is applied after the whitening to ensure sensitivity reduction. 


 ES Mineral Gel

Applied Before Whitening: $15

– Protects your whitening

– Seals the pores of the teeth to prevent them from absorbing stains and helps to prolong the whitening

-Eases sensitivity- includes potassium nitrate and vitamin E to soothe sensitivity.

Whitening Treatment:

As Stated, Our whitening sessions are in 15 Minute increments and priced according to the length of the session. The pricing is as follows:

– 15 Minute Session- $79

– 30 Minute Session- $89

– 45 Minute Session- $99

ES Desensitizer:

For Clients who may experience extra sensitivity, this is applied after treatment and is optional. $15

Things to Know:

When requesting an appointment online, there is only one option as the 

The time needed for your session will be determined when you come in for your session.

We offer a Maintenance Kit that includes our Whitening Rinse. A Mouthwash that is easy to use helps maintain the results quickly. We recommend purchasing this to help lengthen your results.

On average, your results will last 3-5 Months. To stay on track with maintenance, we recommend coming in within that period. Most clients will book their follow-ups before leaving. This service is safe and effective for any age. If you have any dental concerns, please contact your dental provider as we are not dentist providers. 

If you have any further questions or concerns, please reach us at (985)629-4061. We look forward to serving you.