Custom Airbrush Tan

At Endless Summer we pride ourselves in offering a unique approach to spray tanning that we hope exceeds any other tanning experience you’ve encountered. When you arrive for your appointment we will do a brief but effective consultation to discuss your specific needs and desired outcome. We take into consideration your skin tone, your skin’s texture, any skin issues that you may have, medicines you’re taking, and much more to cater a formula just for you. Spray Tanning is not only an art form but also a science, you are one of a kind so your spray tan should be also! Below are options for different spray tans we offer, each is individualized at the time of your appointment, if you are unsure which is best for you, we will determine when you come in which best meets your needs. When scheduling online please select custom spray tan and we will customize when you come in for your visit.

All of our tans come with two complimentary extras just for a better tan for you, First, we include our Custom Endless Summer hydration treatment that is added right into the solution, it hydrates the skin & balances PH levels helping the tan last longer and fade evenly. We also include our Endless Summer Custom Dry Glow powder which is applied after the tan. It is a drying powder that is designed to alleviate any stickiness and/or transfer of bronzer. Both will take your tan to the next level.

Proper preparation for your tan is vital to the best outcome. Please see how to prepare for your tan. Learn more her

this option is for a Custom Spray tan using our Organic Solutions, we have over a hundred blends that can be catered just for your needs. The rinse time (see FAQ), on these solutions is 6-8 hours. -$45

This option is for those who want to rinse faster. (see FAQ), these blends have a much higher potency and are designed to rinse off in 1-4 hours (at max), this is a great option for those who have a busy schedule or are in a hurry. The tan will develop in the same amount of time and last the same amount of time. The only difference is the added luxury of a faster rinse time.-$50

this option is by far one of the most popular blends and a “fan favorite”. This tan is customized for you just as the others but also include our own secret blend infusion, added right into the spray tan. This infusion has a slimming and toning effect. It will reduce the appearance of cellulite, camouflage stretch marks, hide imperfections, and more. -$50

This option is a clear solution that has no bronzer. This option is perfect for the client that wants to pop in during the lunch hour, or during a busy day. Also a great option for clients who have sunspots, or age spots that typically get darker with bronzer. There is no bronzer to darken those so it will give just a great tan. -$45

This option is for the clients who exercise frequently, showers more often, or sweat a lot. There are special infusions in this tan to prevent your tan from fading faster. -$50

This option is like a spa treatment and tan all in one. Is your skin feeling extra dry? Are you having inflammation, irritation, or other issues. This tan would be perfect for you. The tan is infused with CBD specifically made for spray tan usage, it includes a hydrating exfoliation mitt to use before the application and our custom ES Gloww body hydration for after. -$50

this option is for those who have excessive scarring or skin conditions such as Vitiligo. We can customize and blend to make these conditions appear more natural. This tan takes a little more time and involves contouring and special solutions. -$60

this option does not include a tan but rather a custom hydration treatment. This is a great option for someone who has a sunburn, is feeling very dry, or just wants the benefits of great spa-like skincare treatment. We will customize this just for you and can use our CBD with this if desired. You will be sprayed by a person, and it is similar to a spray tan experience. -$30

Unfortunately not all are are created equally. If you have had a bad spray tan or bad experience with self-tanner etc, select this option we will use our ES Custom Tan Removal to rid your tan and give you your skin back. You will also receive a bottle of our tan remover to take home with you. -$35


Package of Three Spray tans– 

(includes any of our signature tan options, except blending/contouring)


Package of Five Spray tans– 

(includes any of our signature tan options, except blending/contouring)