Custom Airbrush Tan

At Endless Summer Beauty Spa we pride ourselves in offering a unique approach to spray tanning that we hope exceeds anything you can imagine. When you arrive to your appointment you will be greeted in our warm and welcoming environment. We will do a brief, but effective consultation to discuss your specific needs and desired outcome. We take into consideration your skin tone, your skin’s texture, any skin issues that you may have, medicines you’re taking, and much more to cater and customize a formula perfect for you. You are one of a kind and your spray tan should be too! We include a complimentary hydration treatment which moisturizes and locks in your tan. We also include an organic drying powder which helps to prevent any stickiness. Both will take your tan to the next level.
When scheduling online, please simply select airbrush tan- we will do the customizing when you come in.

Proper preparation for your tan is vital for the best outcome. Please see how to prepare for your tan. Glow Prep Here

Below are options for different spray tans, infusions, and techniques we offer, each is individualized at the time of your appointment. If you are unsure which tan will best meet your needs, we will gladly help you choose at your consult. This can be customized each and every time. We also keep record of your formula for each visit to ensure the best outcome always.

This is the base for the custom solution for your spray tan. We have hundreds of blends that can be catered to your specific skin tone and skin needs. These formulas are designed to shower/rinse in 6-8 hours time. The results will last 7-10 days, on average. $45

This is the same formula as the Signature Tan, only with higher potency. It is designed to allow you to shower in 1-4 hours, rather than 6-8 hours. The processing time and longevity of the tan are the same, but you have the convenience of rinsing/showering sooner. $50

These tan formulas are customized and free of bronzers. Removing the bronzers from the tan allows those with sunspots, aging skin, heavy scarring or those who just don’t want the bronzers to achieve a great tan without the bronzer. What does this mean? When sprayed the tan will go on clear, it will appear no different initally. The color develops over 2-8 hours depending if you select signature or signature express. The final outcome is a great beautiful tan. Please feel free to ask more questions about this as needed. $45-$50

This tan is for those who have excessive scarring or skin conditions, such as vitiligo. We can customize and blend the application to make these conditions appear more natural. This tan does take more time and involves contouring and special solutions- $65

This infusion is by far one of the “fan favorites”. This infusion has a slimming and toning effect. It will reduce the appearance of cellulite, camouflage stretch marks, hide imperfections and more.

This infusion is designed for those who exercise frequently, shower more than most, sweat heavily, or swim often. This infusion helps to promote your tan lasting through all of the above.

This is like adding a spa treatment into your tan. If you have dry skin, inflammation, or irritation this can help you greatly. The CBD is specifically designed for spray tan usage and will absolutely soothe your skin when added in

This option does not include a tan, but rather a treatment to hydrate the skin. This is a great treatment for someone who has a sunburn, is feeling very dry or just wants the benefits of a spa like skincare treatment. We will customize this just for you. This is a 20 minute service and you will leave feeling hydrated and renewed. $30

Unfortunately, all tans are not created equally and sometimes at home we are not perfectionist either. If you have had a bad spray tan or a bad experience with self-tanning products, we are here to help! We have an Arsenal of products to remove the tan and give you your skin back. Please contact us for this appointment. $35

Do you have a special event or photoshoot and do not have time to spray tan? Endless Summer is here for the rescue. Let us custom blend a body makeup application that will have you flawless for your event or photoshoot. This is a custom blended application and we have a variety of products/techniques to make this happen. It is a great alternative for those who are sunburned and can not spray tan as well. This application will last the day only until showering and  will not transfer to clothing. $45


In an effort to offer savings to our clients we offer a few packages. These are for any of the signature tan options except blending/contouring. 
You can add in infusions at the time services, which are rendered for a $5 upgrade, as this is not included in the package pricing. Packages expire 6 months after purchase date.
Package of 3 Spray Tans- $129
Package of 5 Spray Tans- $200
Package of 7 Spray Tans- $259