Tanning FAQ


We thank you for scheduling with Endless Summer Beauty Spa. Our goal is to provide excellent services while pampering our guests, making it an enjoyable experience every time. Satisfaction is our number one priority. Below you will find the most common frequently asked questions. Feel free to reach out should you have additional questions. We are always here to help.


Most frequent questions and answers

The principle tanning agent used in all tanning products is Dihydroxyacetone (DHA). This ingredient, which is derived from natural sugar cane, reacts with the amino acids in the skin to create the darkening or tanned appearance on the surface of the skin. The development of color takes anywhere from 1-12 hours, and the intensity of color depends on DHA concentration in the product as well as each person’s skin characteristics. The color will gradually fade through natural skin exfoliation, just like a natural tan from the sun.

This is by far the most common question asked by first-time clients. The answer is absolutely not. At Endless Summer, we know the importance of creating a custom tanning solution with only the best available ingredients just for you because, as we all know, there is no “one solution fits all” in tanning. You’re unique, and your tan should be catered just for your skin tone and your skins specific needs. Because of this, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with your tan, and “Orange” will never be an issue here.

We customize each person’s tan according to their desired tan level. We begin by accessing the particular clients’ skin tone, desired level, and event to formulate the perfect tan solution for the desired results.

We recommend wearing somewhat dark, loose-fitting clothing. Although the tan will be dried during your session, we suggest you avoid jeans, form-fitting, tight or white clothing for best results.

This is strictly up to your comfort level. During an airbrush session, a highly trained professional tech will be spraying you; the process takes 5-10 minutes in total; clients typically opt to spray topless, nude, or with undergarments/swimwear. Keep in mind you will have a tan line based upon which garments you select. The tan solution will not stain any clothing however, we do recommend steering away from white. Men must have some form of undergarments.

We highly recommend not spraying when you have a sunburn. We are not able to tan anyone with peeling, or a bad burn as it will significantly affect the outcome of the tan. Should you get a sunburn, purchase our Burn Relief Gel as it will significantly speed up the healing process time. We also offer an in-salon Hydration healing treatment which can also speed up the healing process.

The key to making your tan last is using the proper aftercare products. It is vital to avoid soaps, body washes, lotions, and any products that contain sulfates, and alcohol. These ingredients will strip your tan and can cause it to fade unevenly. When caring for properly: Airbrush lasts 7-8 days on average.

We recommend one to two days before your event or vacation depending on your schedule.

This is a great way to boost your skin! It eliminates dead skin cells, increases your skins Amino Acid levels which works to balance your skins ph level creating a “pop” of color in your tan, allowing it to penetrate deeper and last longer!

We have fantastic PH Balancing Spray for FREE with any tan or try one of our ex-mitts for an extra boost you use just before your session. Ask us for details.

We use the top of the line products therefore as long as you have appropriately exfoliated and use a good sulfate-free soap your tan will last long & fade evenly. We do recommend avoiding hot tubs as they can prematurely fade your tan due to the heat level.

While we do have many clients who tan during pregnancy we are not able to give medical advice, we suggest checking with your physician and then deciding. We can provide a list of ingredients when requested.

If you have any further questions we are always available to help feel free to contact us at 985.888.1790 or sunlessnola@gmail.com


Most frequent questions and answers

We utilize a natural hydrogen peroxide-based gel, in combination with a professional-grade blue LED light. This combination provides a safe and effective combination to yield immediate results. You will sit under the light anywhere from 15 minutes to 60 minutes. Only one visit is needed to see the results. Results vary but we guarantee 3-8 shades whiter.

The results are based on your current tooth staining and also how often you may drink staining beverages if you smoke etc. The average lasting time is approximate and is around 3-6 months.

All teeth are different due to body chemistry, genetics, dental health, and mineral imbalances. The majority of clients will see 3 to 8 shade difference. Tetracycline stains can even be brightened as well.  Overall  99% of our clients experience great success.

You do only need one treatment to achieve results. Your lasting will be dependent on your daily habits and tooth health. Most clients can easily maintain by visiting us once every 3-6 months. Keep in mind the follow-up visits typically are shorter in length. We also sell a whitening rinse that can help prolong whitening in between visits to the salon.

Sensitivity to this product is not typical.  The great thing about our teeth whitening service is that we use the most natural products available on the market. We also offer a “sensitivity” guard for clients who may be concerned about having sensitivity. We will do an assessment before your whitening to formulate the best products for you.

The professional light in combination with the higher percentage of professional products (safe only to use by a trained professional) yield a faster result. We do offer at home natural products as well which can yield results in 7-10 days for those not local or who can not make it in. Our in-salon option will produce the fastest results.

You can eat or drink as soon as you leave however  The first 12-24 hours we would recommend avoiding coffee, tea, dark-colored sodas, red wines, red sauces, or any foods that have the propensity to discolor teeth. We also suggest you wait 2-3 hours before brushing teeth or smoking.

No prep is needed for a teeth whitening procedure. We ask that you do not brush your teeth within 1-2 hours before your session to avoid sensitivity. Feel free to bring some headphones to relax to your music while having the teeth whitening done; we also provide some in the salon.

We recommend one to two days before your event or vacation depending on your schedule.

While we have had no issues with clients who are pregnant or breastfeeding, we always recommend asking your doctor or health care professional as we can not give advice one way or another.

We have had great success with many ages. Our products are natural, safe and effective. The process can take up to one hour so please keep that in mind. Also, know that anyone under the age of 17 will need parental consent.

Have More Questions?

If you have any further questions we are always available to help feel free to contact us.